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Humble Heart Organization

Humble Hearts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Company through donations collect clothing, furniture, food, hygiene products, toys, books, and misc. items, recycling them by distributing your gifts to people in need. It takes an accident or an illness, a job loss or mental health concern for someone who was self-sufficient to suddenly become a person in need. We at Humble Hearts do our best to offer a hand up in spirit by offering clean clothes, fresh water, food, medical supplies and furniture when needed. We help all ages, races, and genders.

We redistribute your items to:

single moms

homeless men, women and children



families and individuals in shelters

low income individuals who have homes but are struggling

What new functionality we are looking for

I would like to show what we do on a more professional looking site by having a uniform looking website. Focus on those we help as individuals so that we have proof in what we do, raise awareness in less fortunate people, & the need of donation to continue what we do.

How the new functionality will help

I created my own website off from Go daddy I am not a professional designer. I did it all my own to show the world a sight as we care about our clients, we care about the homeless people, and the ones who cant do for themselves I did it to show them hope as they can do better. I hope a new website will show that I am just as genuine and passionate about what I do by bringing it forward with details, pictures, and professionalism in getting the right people to take us serious and help us grow in volunteers, sponsors, and donors.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

116 Messages from Supporters

2015-02-12 19:07:39 UTC
Kris Smith

Carol is Humble Hearts and her many contributions to her community are a god send. Her personal story and family commitment is so inspiring. She truly deserves this help. Can't say enough good things about their good works! God bless you Carol and family!

2015-02-12 21:26:45 UTC
Cassie Ortega

I am so happy to hear HH is running for a chance to win something that will benefit so many people in need. What Carol and her team at HH do is beyond amazing. Their is so much passion behind her actions and does it all for the love of giving. Humble Hearts is beyond deserving.

2015-02-11 22:29:18 UTC
Elnora Davis

I have worked with Carol Boyd at Humble Hearts and her selfless effort to invest in those that most would turn their backs on, is simply motivating. The time spent with Humble Heart's was beyond fulfilling. Carol is a sincere individual who gives from the heart without question. She knows everyone she feeds on a personal level and she does it all without wanting recognition or praise for it. Seeing the interaction between Carol and those that she feeds frequent will simply restore your thoughts about humanity! There isn't enough space on here to list all that she does on her on dime and time for those that really need the help but I will say this, Humble Hearts deserves all the help and recognition they can possibly get because it is one of the most honest, selfless, and motivating organizations that help those laying cold on "OUR" city streets. Many Blessing to Humble Hearts :)

2015-02-11 22:23:17 UTC
Raven Rodriguez

If there were such things as angels, Carol Boyd is definitely one. This woman works a full time job, raises her youngest daughter, takes care of her ill mother and on occasion her ex-partner suffering from breast cancer, collects donations from various individuals and companies, surprises low income families with things they really need like diapers, formula, clothes, furniture, as well as taking people into her own home to give them a safe space to stay for a while till they get back on their feet and STILL finds the time to go out into the night to feed the homeless three times a week. She inspires so many of us to help with these runs, to help with donations, to help with soup kitchens, to help her give those less fortunate than herself a bit of dignity and hope. Personally I tell her all the time she makes me want to be a better human being just by her example. When she talks to you, and tells you about her work, she lights up. You just KNOW everything she does is out of genuine love for her fellow man. She is a far better person than I could ever hope to be. She runs this organization mostly by herself but also with the help of volunteers she has inspired, like me. Just visit her facebook page or website to see why this woman right here ... words just aren't enough ...

2015-02-11 22:24:44 UTC
Krystal Hethcoat

I absolutely love all that you do and stand for. We need more people like you in this world

2015-02-11 22:45:06 UTC
Leda Villanueva

Again where would I begin.
I absolutely love Carol @ Humbled ♡'s, I can't even remember how we first met but from that day forward I've looked at life differently. This single little fiesty lady does more in a day then most of us do in a week & she does it with a beautiful smile. I hope she wins, I love seeing her selflessness rewarded. As she doesn't always put herself 1st. but always her community♡
Love you Carol

2015-02-11 22:40:04 UTC
johnaliss garcia

Where do I begin????
Well I'm a single mother with a lil girl with a disability. I made sure my daughter had everything important that she needed but I DID not do the same for me. I'm not working and it became harder and harder for me to be able to afford to take care of her needs and mine so obviously my daughter came before my needs. I went two years without a bed. Yes two years. I slept on my sofa . Results to that were ....I HURT MY back, I NEVER SLEPT , and it just left me feeling BROKEN. one day I saw a post on Facebook
From humble hearts. They were giving away brand new mattress no catch. But I saw that there were others in more need than me. So I never asked I just posted a simple comment ( oh I need one, GOD bless who you give them too) that's all I wrote.... suddenly one day when my heart was heavy I looked out the window and LITERALLY IT WAS LIKE SEEING HEAVEN ON WHEELS LOL. They rolled up with this huge truck. Just two WOMEN. I ran downstairs in disbelief Carol looked at me and said are you johnaliss ... I replied back with a bucket of tears lol. I hugged her so tight that I'm pretty sure I broke her neck. And she said heres ur bed... they brought it up to me.... you dont understand how much I cried that day. That first night I was getting the sofa ready to sleep then I remembered. ...... I GOT A BEDDDDDDDD AFTER TWO LONG YEARS I GOT A BED. well result to that is I'm now forever here to serve humble hearts organization whenever they need me. I will always hold what they did for in my heart. Another thing is humble hearts also helped my neighbor get a bed. And now I have my other neighbor helping them deliver. Humble hearts becomes family to you. They don't judge. Honestly carol is literally a Angel. ♥

2015-02-11 22:41:16 UTC
Rose McDonough

i am a stay at home mom of a 15 year old son with autism. In December my family was displaced and we lost all our furniture. Carol Boyd about me and was an angel. She made sure my family got furniture. On top of that she organized an amazing Christmas party my son and I attended. My son came home with gifts and we were fed extremely well. Carol is an angel feeding the homeless and taking care of the community. God bless you Carol please return the blessings and pick Carol

2015-02-11 23:07:20 UTC
Edda Rondon

Carol is full of love, for everybody. She always has a smile on her face and is so passionate ar what she does. I had the pleasure to go with her one night to one of her feedings and it truly changed my life. This lady is amazing. She knows everybody by name and what they like. She even knows her clothes sizes.
This super woman holds a full time job, takes care of her family, and on top of that finds the time to run Humble heart, the soup kitchen, low income families. I don't know how she does it , but this world would be much better if they were more people like her. We love her !!!!!!!

2015-02-11 23:20:47 UTC
Gabby Brown

Carol is such an amazing woman... weather she has help or not cooking, packing,
the food and passing it out in below zero wether she is always there with awarm heart and a great smile... she is what makes life better for so many people that are at their wits end. She lives in THE PAY IT FORWARD WORLD! so many many people depend on this. Gracious young lady and she is what keeps them going! with her sheer grit and determination she goes to places that some of the bravest. People wouldnt dare travel! And with that determination she carries Love and kindness for her fellow man... warm soup...bumble heart... a smile that lights the way for so many here in Chicago. .. Carol Boyd is AWESOMELY Phenominally. Sincere. in all that she does and im Honered to call her FRIEND!

2015-02-11 23:28:31 UTC
dehorah rodriguez

She help me with food and when I need a place to warm me up and give me food and clothing and she help me with thing for my new apartment she always there for me when I need her the most when I felt like all door were close she was there

2015-02-11 23:43:35 UTC
Norma Garcia

Not only does this organization help bring awareness to homelessness, they do it in the most caring, compassionate and humanitarian way. They treat each and every person they help with a level of respect and love that is beyond words. They help remind these people that they are worthy human beings, that they are loved and that somebody cares. They not only provide food, clothing, blankets. They provide the hope many of them had lost.

2015-02-12 01:38:28 UTC

Awesome organization. She definitely deserves this.

2015-02-12 02:48:18 UTC
Juanita Franco

It's truly a blessing to have such a great organization like Humble Hearts!! You're awesome, God Bless you!!!

2015-02-12 04:51:04 UTC
Crissy ustasiewski

Carol has helped me in all ways.she is the most loveing and careing woman I ever met . She has gave my kids a bed to sleep on her kitchen table from her own home .she is always helping .she deserves the world .and her family .u are very strong and anybody who can go out there below 0 weather and feed homeless and still help everybody else u are just gods gift to earth .

2015-02-12 04:59:18 UTC

Humble Hearts truly represents Carol, she is the most humble hearted person I've ever met. She truly loves everyone and is very passionate in what she does! Carol not only does she have a full job she has two beautiful daughters whom share her passion to love, respect and care for everyone. She opens her home to everyone whom is ready to fight for what them want, single moms whom are homeless, LGBT Community, EVERYONE who needs to be reminded that they are loved and that everything will be ok! One can go on and on but once you met Carol you know she is the real deal and that she does what she does because she is so loving, caring and a true friend to All! Carol is an Angel who's wings expand wide enough to want to protect and help as many people as she can in this life time.

2015-02-12 12:11:56 UTC
Carol Chavez

I just meet this women, Carol m Boyd , all I have to say is she rocks!!!!

2015-02-12 13:40:56 UTC
Damaris Cruz

This organization is truly one that goes out and touches the lives of so many with all the noble and selfless deeds they do!

2015-02-12 16:01:15 UTC

This is such important work in the freezing winter in Chicago!

2015-02-12 16:20:01 UTC
v. smart

World needs more people like Carol. Her work may go unnoticed by the masses, but not by the ones she has touched. THANK YOU

2015-02-12 16:39:04 UTC
Paula Hlavin

Working with Carol is always so pleasant and uplifting. She is a great person to help those in need! I applaud her efforts and encourage more to help like she does!

2015-02-11 22:54:53 UTC
Amanda Cruz

I have worked with humble hearts on two separate occasions once to feed the homless, and another to dress homeless or low income girls for prom. It was by far the most amazing & heart breaking experience, carol is the most caring,loving,selfless person i know and i admire her for all she does she is simply amazing we definitely need more people like her in the world. The love her homeless people have for her is immense and so heart warming. From working having a family of her own to care for she still manages to feed the homeless daily, cloth them give them what they need thanks to her wonderful supporters who donate to even bringing some homeless in her home who are in desperate need. I can go on and on and on about carol & her organization but i will say this you will not regret rewarding her for this.

2015-02-11 23:06:00 UTC
David Fisk

I was so happy to discover Humble Hearts! When i downsized i had a bed and other household items that I no longer needed. It was so mice to have Carol come pick them up and most importantly, get them to people in need!APPLAUSE!!!

2015-02-12 03:54:13 UTC
Trudy Leong

I do not know how to maneuver through Facebook, but I appreciate all the work Carol does and her love.

2015-02-11 23:17:22 UTC

Humble Hearts has been a blessing to me and m grndson. When we got him back from dcf i was a struggle getting him what we needed for him . Humble hearts came thru in an amazing way helping me with diapers milk shoes clothes and most needed a stroller in which i can take him outside in. They still continue helping me in any way they can. I have witnessed the work they do, helping many families who struggle with the day to day necessities. Weather she wins or not she is a winner in my book as in the book of many of her followers. Good Luck Humble Hearts. Thanks for all the work and dedication you have put towards your cause

2015-02-12 00:42:32 UTC


2015-02-12 03:36:10 UTC
Melissa Hernandez

Humble hearts is an amazing organization. I myself always wanted to help others, and I came across humble hearts Facebook page and seen the amazing work of an inspiring woman with her family and friends. This organization has opened a door for me and I never looked back once I walked through. Carol touches the lives of every single person she interacts with and she does NOT judge ANYONE no matter what. She's an amazing person who simply loves. She has been a blessing to those outside and inside and to me and my family. We love her dearly. I call her a superhero of Chicago.

2015-02-12 03:52:06 UTC

She is an amazing woman. She has the biggest heart.

2015-02-12 04:03:09 UTC
debbie collado

I want to make this short and knowing you reading your posts looking at all the homeless people you help daily you have unite not only your friends but those like me in becoming more aware of those that needs an helping even more so food, a warm blanket our love n kindness ..thank you for opening our hearts n our hearts.

2015-02-12 04:52:38 UTC
Donna Ricoy

Carol is such an amazing and astonishing women with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. She has done so many amazing things for so many people. She has opened her own home to those in need and have helped get them on their feet. She treats everyone with dignity, respect and love. The homeless people she feeds numerous times a week are her friends as she likes to call them. She sets an example that everyone should strive to follow. I can't think of a more deserving person and organization! Anything that can help Carol and Humble Hearts help more people in need would be such an amazing blessing! There is no one in my opinion that is more deserving!

2015-02-12 07:23:08 UTC
Mario Lopez

LoVe what she does love the Organization Anytime needed she's there , a Rock . A hero in my book.

2015-02-12 07:34:41 UTC
Linda Hughes

Carol is a amazing person, she makes our world a better place because she is in it! She gives of herself, her money, her personal items, her name it so unselfishly. She really deserves some help back with getting her organization noticed. She could help so many more people by someone helping her get her web site established & look more polished.

We would all love to see this humble women win, she is a modern day superwomen to everyone who knows her & to every stranger out there who is lucky enough to cross her path. She helps everyone, never says no to anyone!! She helps countless people in countless ways. Please choose her, she is truly deserving of what help you can give her plus so much more on top of that!

2015-02-12 13:19:00 UTC

This lady an her organization is hleping many people in need. There out at all hours of the day and night trying to hlp everyone with no tought or care for them selves these r angels trying to remind these ppl in need that god hasnt forgotten them and those of us that have should be thanful by what we have

2015-02-12 15:20:42 UTC
Brittany Turner

Ever since I met Carol she has truly blessed me. I am a single mother who is considered low income and I live paycheck to paycheck and always seem to be short of things my toddler and I need. Carol has given me so many clothes for both my child and I. A lot of the things I wear and my daughter, we only had this winter because she provided it for us. She has provided me with, hygiene products such as woman products. I am not ashamed to say that there were times she blessed me with these items and I really did not have money to buy them myself and it was such a blessing because it was right ON TIME. People don't understand that there are people like me who sometimes don't have family or anyone that can help. She has been so compassionate to me, she even buys me food to eat when I have nothing. There has never been a time she turned a blind eye towards me. For Christmas she even blessed my daughter with several gifts through her Christmas party and my daughter was able to experience Christmas like those who are privileged. I appreciate Humble Hearts, I honestly don't know who would help me if Carol Boyd did not.

2015-02-12 18:24:05 UTC
Barbara Lee


2015-02-12 15:44:08 UTC
Miguel Vazquez

Carol is indeed a champion when it comes to helping the less fortunate, as our organizations are working side by side bringing the needy the basics , she is always welcoming others with the same vision and willing to work with other organizations that help the needy. From putting together temporary shelter to food blankets and other necessities. I am humbled to work with her

2015-02-12 16:37:13 UTC

She's a remarkable woman with a past that keeps her going & doing what she does best! She's someone to look up to, for she truly cares from her very heart!

2015-02-12 16:39:34 UTC
Sylvia Maldonado

This is an amazing organization and Carol has a heart of gold.

2015-02-12 16:39:54 UTC
Sandra Hernandez

I had the Honor of volunteering for an event HH hosted over the summer to help low income kids back to school by supplying free gently used uniform. It was a great experience Carol, Her Wife and Family are all genuine souls that love to help from the bottom of their Souls without asking anything in return. They all made us feel welcomed and showed how much of a difference one person can make. Now imagine if we all pitched in what a different world it would be. Please Help Humble Hearts Spread like wildfire so that they can continue to help others with Kindness, Love and Respect. This Would be of a great help to them.

Thank you,
HH Follower

2015-02-12 16:43:02 UTC
Monica Flores

i have just started following Humble Hearts on Facebook over the last few months and am amazed at the dedication she has to help others! Good luck to you!

2015-02-12 16:44:12 UTC
Edith S

Carol and her organization Humble Hearts is ahhhhhhmazing!!
she welcomes every donation with the same excitement no matter how big or small. She is genuinely thankful and grateful for all she receives. I will continue to support Humble Hearts for as long as I am able. God bless

2015-02-12 16:44:38 UTC
andrea worrell

Ive been friends with carol for years and to see her strength and compassion for others in indescribable. She puts others before herself and stays focused on helping those in need. She recognizes those struggling in the freezing cold and no matter the weather she is out there with them to show her love and concern. She truly has the biggest heart of gold and deserves to be recognized for all she does. God put a calling in her life and she has fulfilled it in every way she possibly can. What else is left to say? SHE'S AMAZING!!! 💙💙💙

2015-02-12 16:44:59 UTC

Although I have not had the honor to meet Ms. Carol and family I have reached out to her via email/text messages as she was giving away mattresses, etc. for low income family, and she was quick to respond and help. I envy such a strong woman who goes out of her way and in the brutal winter cold nights and help out the homeless and other people in need and she doesn't ask for anything in return, no money, no sympathy, nothing. If there is anyone more deserving it is Carol and her AMAZING family.

2015-02-12 16:47:46 UTC

Just recently learned about this organization but from what I can see Carol and her volunteers do a tremendous job .they go out feeding clothing and and distributing warm blankets .Carol even shelters some homeless when needed.She has also taken them to get glasses. Carol and her volunteers treat the homeless and those in need like family and she posts pics and keeps everyone informed .This truly is a deserving organization.

2015-02-12 16:47:53 UTC
Denise Galletti

Carol Boyd and her family are truly sent from above. They give from the heart to people they don't know but end up loving with all of their hearts. Her children are Involved as well. It amazes me to read her posts and look at her pictures and see her young child hug their homeless friends and smile as she poses with them. There is a genuine love visible in each of their eyes. I am always inspired to do what I can to help those in need by her tremendous efforts to help Chicago's homeless community.

2015-02-12 16:49:54 UTC
Sonia Coronado

I am in awe that someone can be so selfless and through harsh weather or harsh people (I've seen some of what she deals with), she's always out there! She is not funding through any grants. Everything she does is from the kindness of hers as well as others. She is able to provide meals and necessities to those who are homeless. If anyone deserves this she does!!!! God bless her and those trying to better this hard, cruel world. My humanity is restored after seeing what she does!!! :)

2015-02-12 16:53:49 UTC
Jessica Rodriguez

In a short period of time I learned of humble hearts and of all the kind deeds they (Carol) do. Through her kindness and generosity she has inspired many, including myself, to help man kind on a greater scale. Not for tax write offs ore bragging rights, but because that is what we should do as humans with hearts. To give selflessly because people deserve this. No matter what their circumstance you do what you can. And with her help many can help in a more direct way. What she has accomplished with what she has is greater than many do with much more. I truly believe the people she helps deserve for her to win this! It can help open more eyes, hearts and pockets!

2015-02-12 16:56:29 UTC

Seeing what Carol does so selflessly on a daily basis encourages me to know that there are good people in the world who sincerely care about others. Her work is divinely inspired, and divinely supported, I'm positive of that. I have read about how food and supplies are "just there" what she needs and when she needs it. There is no other way to explain it other than to believe that our Good Lord smiles favorably on Carol's work and ensures thru His love that she can continue what she does for His people. May God continue to bless Carol and her work, as a sign to others of what a difference a humble spirit can be. Thanks for your consideration.

2015-02-12 17:04:42 UTC

Carol at Humble Hearts inspires me to be a better person everyday. Her story of trial and triumph is truly an inspirational one. After everything she's been thru she still has room in her humble heart to help many of Chicago's homeless. What a heart of gold this woman has to leave her home several nights a week to feed the homeless. These are people she now calls her friends, her family. People that other Chicago residents shun upon. Walk away from. She invites them into her home. Feeds them. Reminds them that they are people. They are worthy. She inspires me everyday and deserves ALL the help she can get to make this organization even more successful.

2015-02-12 18:13:05 UTC
Rocio Ayala

As a person who work as volunteer in helping the community, i know how
Difficult it is to get help and do the job. God bless this organization
And all the people that give time, money or food.

2015-02-12 17:08:17 UTC
Xochitl Gonzalez

Indeed Humble Hearts is a necessity within the city of Chicago. There should be a Humble Hearts Organization in EVERY CITY! The work that is done by this not for profit is beyond words. They are undoubtedly going above and beyond the expectations of the homeless whom are always treated with love and respect, and also above the expectations of speculators whom are usually shocked upon witnesses to these generous kind, un-discriminatory acts.
Humble hearts remains our cities inspiration in many unspeakable ways we are left in awe over the countless times Carol and any volunteers went out in blizzards etc, weathering the storm with those ones whom the streets are their only home.

2015-02-12 17:17:12 UTC
Evelyn Rivera

I may not know Carol personally,but this woman is truly an Angel! Humble Hearts is an amazing organization! She and her family do so much for others.My heart is truly enlightened by all that she does,and still manages to care for her sick wife and daughter... God bless you Carol and Humble Hearts!!!

2015-02-12 17:24:50 UTC
Elizabeth Quimby

I am inspired daily by the good works performed by Humble Heart and its supporters. They bring warmth, hope and love not only to the least fortunate, but to all of us who follow and support their mission.

2015-02-12 18:14:21 UTC
Rocio Ayala

As a person who work as volunteer in helping the community, i know how
Difficult it is to get help and do the job. God bless this organization
And all the people that give time, money or food.

2015-02-12 19:21:42 UTC
Marie Martinez

I just came across Humble hearts online yesterday and I am touched by all of the mouths she has fed and families she has helped. It brings tears to my eyes watching the videos and viewing the photos. She is god's gift and I will be donating when I get my next paycheck to this organization!!!! Humble hearts rocks!!!

2015-02-12 17:10:37 UTC

The world needs more Angels like Carol, and her volunteers!! With all of the wrong being done in the world, being able to follow Carol and her mission, through her posts and website, is an honor!! Her updates are the breath of fresh air, and daily reminder, that we all need to motivate us to keep doing right by ourselves, and others. The way Carol takes care of others, who are in desperate need of help, is an example of how we ALL should be taking care of each other! With continued support, donations, and volunterring, I have no doubt that the benefit of Carol's work can be limitless! Thank you, Carol, for setting an example for all of us!

2015-02-12 17:11:01 UTC
Jessica Rosario

I look forward to her daily updates and photos that show all the beautiful stories due to her goodness and passion. I litterally tear up each time. I hope she gets chosen for this contest. It is good to see good people be rewarded. Especially because she never asks for anything in return. A true angel! she could use all the support she can get to continue to help those in need. You never know how many more people she can help if she wins this contest. A true inspiration!

2015-02-12 17:26:24 UTC

Humble Hearts is an orginization who help people in need . They are what i call God's sent Angels . Carol is a genuinely amazing person she cares about homeless , low income people who need help and so many more.Humble Harts gives people hope. Carol is so giving she really loves all the people she has come across and is so genuine , loving and caring she is an inspiration to many including myself. Humble Hearts orginization has touched the lives of many homeless, woman and men starting over in life and so much more . Carol gives from her Heart and that is why she has the love and RESPECT of all of us followers. This organization is doing what the government should be doing and so many of us should be doing in making this Country a better place if we all cared a little bit ore instead of being self centered and ignorant to the fact that loving and helping others is Priceless. Thank you to Humble Hearts for all that you do. God bless .

2015-02-12 17:40:35 UTC
Mary Gates

Carol is an angel amongst us! She is doing the work our Heavenly Father wants us to. Help those less fortunate. We need more people willing to give their time and money. Carol isn't in the business to make money. She spends her own money as well as money donated to her cause. Without people like her and many volunteers and donators there would be no Humble Hearts! I am very humbled by all that she does and continues to do. Carol shouldn't have to compete with three other organizations for an over night web design , she should just be able have this opportunity for the world to see how "easy" it is to help those around us. By her receiving this web design is like it is being paid forward to a wonderful inspiring woman. It's your time Carol. You deserve this more than anyone else. Much love you lady. I'm proud of everything you do and everything you have accomplished. I'm proud to say I support ( donations) Humble Hearts all the way from Indiana. Keep up the great work! I look forward to one day starting your Northern Indiana Chapter!

2015-02-12 17:58:56 UTC


2015-02-12 18:13:08 UTC

Carol is selfless & puts the needs of those overlooked by most at the top of her priority list!

2015-02-12 18:22:13 UTC

Carol is heaven sent!!! I wish there were more like her!!!

2015-02-12 18:24:35 UTC
Barbara Lee


2015-02-12 18:31:02 UTC
Stacy Ballon

This women and what she does is amazing and selfless. The 1st time I met her I felt a connection to her and what she was doing. It made me want to be a better person. She tirelessly sacrifices sleep and other things to help others and that in and of itself is a true act of selflessness. I can not say enough things about this women and her kind soul and spirit. She is a true story if survival and that you can change your life.

2015-02-12 20:11:41 UTC
Christy Smith

I don't know carol personally but I've been touched by her efforts to make our world a little better. She is truly a diamond in the rough and although I only follow her on Facebook I believe she is an amazingly positive force. We could all learn from her. As she tackles the world head-on she could always use a hand. Please pick Humble Hearts!

2015-02-12 20:19:57 UTC

Humble heart is a great organization. She is an angel from heaven

2015-02-12 20:21:39 UTC
Anne Sullivan

Carol is an inspiration. She is out there a few nights a week, schlepping hot food and tasty treats on frigid Chicago nights, and blankets and warm socks and whatever can bring a smile to the face of the homeless of this city who she TRULY loves. Her dedication and energy are amazing and Humble Heart is the MOST deserving of organizations!

2015-02-12 20:48:12 UTC
Ann Carlisle

Carol does so much with so little. Making a difference in people's lives. Giving an incredible gift to people who are barely hanging on. She gives the gift of compassion. She looks them in the eye, gives hugs and understanding. No judgments.

2015-02-12 20:24:36 UTC

Humble hearts truly deserves this opportunity to shine & let the whole world know what exactly they do to help others in there own free time & out of the kindness & goodness of there hearts . I came across them last year when I saw a post they were helping out the homeless & I found a young homeless man by my house . I had messaged Carol
& she told me what exactly the young man would need & also to pass in her number if he needed fed. I have been following her ever since watching her good deeds & have dropped down bags if clothes at her home while she works full time . Please consider Carol . This would be a major help to humble hearts to help
Spread there good word .

2015-02-12 20:26:29 UTC


2015-02-12 20:49:13 UTC

Carol and the humble hearts organization is such a blessing. She feeds the homeless and helps out everybody she can. I volunteered one day and that day had a great impact on me. Carol her friends, family and her help are true Angeles. Not only has she helped low income families and the homeless she has also brought families to live with her. She has never asked for anything in return or asked for a sort of payment. She simply does it out the kindness of her heart. I believe the humble hearts organization should win this

2015-02-12 22:18:07 UTC

HUMBLE HEARTS truly is the most remarkable service to those in need. Carol and all her helpers truly deserve any and all support that they can possibly receive. I've never heard of such selfless devotion to a cause. Those who are the recipients of HUMBLE HEARTS generosity are those in our country who are in the most need. God bless HUMBLE HEARTS
and may we all be inspired to help them help others!!

2015-02-12 22:53:32 UTC
Lisa Soto

I have been following HH on FB for many months. The sheer amount of time and enery they GIVE is just amazing. They ( Carol, her family, donators, and volunteers) are selfless and never seem to stop. Their FB page allows us to see and hear exactly where their time, money, donations and help are used which is nice because other Organizations are not always honest. They deserve to win to be able to increase awareness, donations, and therefore be able to help more of those in need and on a constant/on-going basis!

HH follower
Lisa Soto

2015-02-13 00:04:12 UTC
Angie Roman

Humble Hearts did something for me. They made me aware of something I never knew I had, compassion. After following and believing in Humble Hearts mission, I became aware of everything that surrounded me. My homeless neighbors and friends. Just knowing what Humble Hearts does and not for fame or fortune, I salute and bow my head to this organization.

2015-02-13 00:19:23 UTC

Carol is a great woman who is so giving and enjoys giving no matter what. Carol invited us into her home to decorate box for the homeless for Christmas. I love her ambitious nature she is a good woman who can teach us all how to give with a humble heart.

2015-02-13 00:32:40 UTC

Carol, is an amazing women, she is the epitome of a virtuous women, and is truly walking in God's Love! Pick Humble Hearts!!!

2015-02-13 00:51:24 UTC
Nancy Romo

Carol is an Angel/God Mother to the needy community. Carol is synonymous to Humble, Heart, compasion and love.

2015-02-13 01:51:25 UTC
Pamela Cosentino

learned of this organization through FB and I am astonished at carols daily/nightly dedication to help others in need. I love seeing her pictures. It brings the "homeless" to life. Let's us see how it really is out there. I hope she wins because she does great things

2015-02-13 02:22:07 UTC
Kim Surges

Carol is the most selfless giving person I have ever met. Heart of gold!

2015-02-13 02:46:14 UTC

this organization so deserves whatever help she can get. She puts her life in danger to help so many people constantly. Amazing people run this organization and amazing people assist her. Please give her a break and help her.

2015-02-13 02:57:57 UTC
AC Collins

Everybody on the street appreciates the work
she does. She is selfless. Feeding, dressing
and transporting the homeless to the dr, to various
offices for their entitlements, visiting them in SCFs
I could go on and one. She is truly an ANGEL. Z

2015-02-13 02:57:57 UTC
AC Collins

Everybody on the street appreciates the work
she does. She is selfless. Feeding, dressing
and transporting the homeless to the dr, to various
offices for their entitlements, visiting them in SCFs
I could go on and one. She is truly an ANGEL. Z

2015-02-13 03:21:09 UTC
Laura Kiriluk

Humble Hearts and Carol are so inspiring and caring. It is amazing to see the daily updates to see how many lives they touch and how they make a dufference in this world. Thank you for all you do. You are truly amazing!

2015-02-13 03:28:21 UTC

She makes me want to spread the goodness. She's amazing!

2015-02-13 03:32:42 UTC
Angie Agapay

Carol is out in the streets , feeding & caring for the homeless , in a way I've never seen before. Birthdays are remembered & celebrated.. Jobs have been found for some .. Apartments furnished & provided to some down on their luck families.. I feel as if I know some of her homeless friends personally through her caring descriptions of them.. I am inspired by this humble woman & her angelic volunteer friends.. Thanks to Humble Hearts , I plan on giving back sooner than later.. She tugs at my heartstrings.

2015-02-13 05:37:31 UTC
Maria Vera

Carol & the Humble Hearts organization has been doing incredible work to help the less fortunate and homeless. I have volunteered with the organization a couple of times and I have met someone that is extremely motivated to help anyone in need and seeks nothing in return.

Her daily dedication and on going efforts are incredible and inspiring to see. The Humble Hearts Organizations has so much more to give and I have seen so many people inspired by their work. It would be such an amazing opportunity for Humble Hearts to have the opportunity to grow their website in order to help more people by helping them manage their donations, volunteers and also the citizens they are trying to reach with their support.

Every hour of your work will go to provide endless hours of work and on going growth of a truly amazing organization!!

2015-02-13 06:27:38 UTC
Jaqui B

Carol, Humble Hearts is so great every day, she has shown true loyalty and love for our homeless.In freezing weather she has gone out and distributed sleeping bags to as many homeless she can.She goes out every nite to comtinue to feed them a good warm meal.She also finds time to help those who need help with furniture, cloths. .etc.
she is amazing as well as the people who donate to her to give to thosr in need.Shes a blessing in the streets of chicago.

2015-02-13 19:07:40 UTC
Latasha Payne

Carol is the epitome of Love! It's good to know that genuine people full of love still exist.

2015-02-13 19:33:57 UTC
Evelyn Michelle Fuentes

Carol is one of the most truely inspiring person I know her organization HH not only help out the less fortunate but they gain friendships of those who didn't have any because of their living status. She goes above and beyond for her friends keeping them feed and warm as possible in this crazy weather.

2015-02-13 20:03:20 UTC

Carol from HH is an angel who day by day goes way and beyond for the homeless and the less fortunate. "Humble Hearts," could not possibly be a better name for this organization because humility, kindness, compassion, love, humanity and humbleness is exactly what she gives to each individual/family that comes her way. Of the many things that HH does, one of them is feeding the homeless 3X a week, rain or shine, snow or heat. She's there regardless. I came across them last year and have been hooked ever since to their FB page. Everyday seeing the new pictures of what they do. Everytime I clean out my closet they are the ones I know donate to. They put EVERYTHING to good use and make sure someone who really needs it is getting it. Doing what Carol does week after week, at times putting herself at risk takes a lot of strength, courage and heart. What HH does is not for the weak.

2015-02-13 11:41:07 UTC

I have been a follower on facebook for just about 6 months now and during that time have seen Carol do some amazing things. She works full time takes care of her daughter and manages to help out many homeless and low income people as well. Through her Facebook page I have seen her deliver the homeless hot cooked meals after making them and packaging them herself. I have seen her do home remodels for the low income and furnish with donated items that I know took time and energy . I have seen her hold yard sales and by sales I mean give aways. She also put together an awesome Christmas party for children . She had even taken a few homeless into her own home and got them back on their feet. If I can see her do all this in the few short months . I can only imagine what she could do with word getting or and the proper Web developer. I'm sure that someday deep down she had a dream of opening a homeless shelter where people could come and know they have hot meals and no bed bugs.please help her achieve this dream.

2015-02-13 18:58:56 UTC
Paul Garcia

I am not a creative writer so this will be short and straight to the point...I have the privilege of knowing Carol personally and I can say truthfully that she is the most selfless, kind & caring person I know and goes above and beyond to help others that need it the most. She really genuinely cares and pours her heart into Humble Hearts!!!!!!

2015-02-13 19:22:54 UTC

Humble Hearts in my opinion is one of the best organizations I've come across that is made up of the most selfless people. They sacrafice their time and much more to help those living on the streets or that need the help. They are sweet angels and are true to the meaning "a heart of gold". I do not think I could possible do what they do on a daily basis. Thank God for them!

2015-02-13 23:54:56 UTC

In the mist of so much violence in Chicago. This group offers love, compassion, and hope. Not only to the homeless. But to the families, that have been victimized by death, hardship, so much more. They show a light that is so important in life. The light they show is, "not all humans are evil" As a person effected by gun violence, I am amazed at the courage, this group continues to show on a daily basis. It helps restore my faith in humanity. I have never received anything from this group, just watched from afar. I learned about them from another family like myself, effected by gun violence. They show a light, that most of this city does not have. I an so grateful for their showing me the way, sometimes, when I get so lost on the path I walk that there are people in this city that genuinely care for others. So, you see, their giving is not just to the homeless, that they do give so much time and energy to. But to others in a different lives as well.

2015-02-14 00:12:10 UTC

Humble Hearts is amazing and always there to help those in need. We need more organizations like them in the world.

2015-02-14 17:01:47 UTC
Mary Pat DeFalco

Carol has the biggest heart I ever seen. She does it with no complaints. Humble Hearts is a great organization, I would totally recommend anyone to help her out, she appreciates anything that people do for her. She doesn't care how big or little. She deserves this. Good luck to Humble Hearts!!!! There should be more people in the world like them.

2015-02-16 17:23:28 UTC

I have known Carol for years. She has a golden heart and I have seen how Humble Hearts have not just helped those people without but even those who have. Whether she knows this or not her love and dedication helping those in need has helped me open my eyes to my lack of help. Knowing that she helps single moms touches me because I grew up with a single mom and we had no help. For me, Humble Hearts, is a huge motivational factor in my life to always becoming a helpful, caring, loving, version of myself. Carol has been a blessing. Anything that will help her organization grow, flourish, and raise awareness to the needs of others is greatly appreciated. Good bless.

2015-02-21 00:20:14 UTC

Carol helps people. It's a beautiful thing that deserves all the support in the world. god bless humble hearts and I will be praying that they win.

2015-03-23 02:49:05 UTC
Edwina Cruz

Carol has all the great qualities of a Humanitarian. She has a soul sprinkled with love baked with selflessness and dipped in compassion. I've worked with her on several occasions and can honestly say she is one of a kind. Her imperfections fuel her and she wears her heart on her sleeves. She is hands on feeding the homeless every night and even taking some in to her home. She is their family their friend and their lifeline. If she doesn't have what they need she finds a way to get it. She is witty and above all GENUINE. She truly loves what she does and embraces any and everyone who wants to help. She does what she can with what she has ALWAYS with a smile on her face. This type of help will enable her to bless HUNDREDS----in my eyes no one would be more deserving. She is a curly hair fire cracker with a heart of Gold!

2015-03-24 23:10:11 UTC
Angella LInk

I have been following Humble Hearts for several months now and I could not think of another organization more deserving of a new website than HH. They go out, night after night, no matter how bad the weather and feed Chicago's homeless.

2015-03-24 22:55:56 UTC

its a great Organization with caring and loving folks helping any one in need ,homeless poor and even battered people. im glad to be a part of this great org. Carol Boyd is an amazing great and God loving person .she is my angel !!!

2015-03-24 22:59:42 UTC
An Angel

Carol's mission is to help the ones that desperately need it. It's almost like God put her on this earth to cloth, feed and help the homeless, battered women, low income lives that need it and deserve it, and that's why this woman, deserves to win, she is out there rain or shine, snow, or heat stroke.. she is an amazing soul, she definitely has my vote!!

2015-03-24 23:08:00 UTC
teresa sigersonHumble Hearts and all the wonderful things that they do. I can say from m

My name is Teresa and I am a recipient of all the wonderful things that they do. Without Carol and Humble Hearts I don't know How I would have survived this winter as comfortably as I did. I live under a viaduct in the city and Carol and her volunteers come by Three times a week with hot freshly cooked meals, hygiene products, blankets, handwarmers clothes you name or you need it they go above and beyond the call of duty to help you get it. Humble Hearts is a great organization, Carol and her volunteers genuinely care about us and want to help us and she does the best that she can and does a wonderful job. I don't know what I would do if she was no longer there I have always been a little cynical but Humble Hearts is The Real Deal. Carol and her crew work tirelessly to make sure that we are o.k. and have had something to eat. She remembers all of us and treats us all the same, with a lot of love and compassion she doesn't judge us she just does for us.

2015-03-24 23:13:33 UTC

La Razon que escribo en Español para hablar por today familias hispanas que Humble Heart a alludado.Las bellas solbresas que Humble Heart a echo desde que esta organizacion empeso. La pasencia y el amor que le a brindado a las personas gue no tiene nada en su casa,Los gue no tiene hogar,Humble Heart ha Estado presente.Espero que ganes este concurso de lo mereses.

2015-03-24 23:18:12 UTC
Linda Hernandez

Where to begin... Carol is an angel from up above I've had the pleasure in meeting her and just seeing her in person and how she opens her arms to those in need and make you feel like you're not alone,she is always out and about making sure those who are homeless are fed and have clothing and making sure families who are just getting into a place to live have furniture,whatever it is that Carol Boyd can do to help she will make sure to take care of it, Carol and her volunteers are awesome so if any one deserves this it's Humboldt hearts Carol Boyd good luck sweetie. ..

2015-03-24 23:32:45 UTC
Jessica Rodriguez

The founder of humble hearts has proven to be a perfect example of what it means to be humanitarian. She works around the clock to help as many people as she can. She does more than just feed the homeless, and that in itself is a great thing. She does so much with what little funding she gets from inspiring people to work as a team. Proof that working together really can make a difference.

2015-03-24 23:41:28 UTC
Anita Cruz

This organization helps so many and does so much for those who need help. They cook and distribute food to hungry people in Chicago, furnish homes for low income people, distribute used clothing and furniture for those who cannot afford to purchase these items. This organization does so unconditionally and on a continuous basis. A new website would assist Humble Hearts with in so many ways which in turn would benefit homeless and low income people who desperately need assistance. Please help this organization grow and continue their mission of serving the needy in Chicago.

2015-03-25 00:08:04 UTC
Ray and Leslie Rodriguez

Carol truly has a humbled heart. She gives to others before she does anything for herself. I've seen her walk the cold Chicago snowy nights feeding the homeless giving them warm blankets, hats, scarfs etc just to keep them warm. She has taken the ones she can convince home with them. Just to keep them warm and safe off the streets. She's truly amazing and deserves any help she can get.

2015-03-25 00:30:28 UTC
Pattie Frey

Humble Heats deserves a helping hand for all the good things they do for the homeless. And it is done with a loving heart.

2015-03-25 00:41:11 UTC
zainy galindo

I believe that she is serving her purpose as she helps the community. She is doing alot of great things as if she was onto the Lord she is a true example to follow we need more people like her that as a community we can witness the smile of an individual who resources are low and dont have to go through the hassle to get something in return. God said be a cheerful giver and she is a true example. Gods favor and blessings over this organization in Jesus name ...amen

2015-03-25 01:00:56 UTC
Maria Trujillo

Humboldt Hearts has helped so many homeless in Chicago. They have helped many of the homeless teens in the LGBTQ communities, homeless that stay under bridges they just help anybody that is in need of clothing, food and hygiene products. Humboldt Hearts live up to their name. Carol the CEO and founder of this wonderful organization sometimes takes in the homeless to her home just so they can have a meal and a warm shower. She even took in a couple that was homeless and where going to have a baby. That couple stood in Carol's home. When the baby was born Carol and her people went out their way to get the new born baby clothing. I believe that they help that couple get a home. They have done so much for different communities in Chicago like North Lawndale, South Lawndale, Humboldt park, Logan square, Avondale ect... They are very helpful, kind hearted and they deserve all the help they can get. I worked as a health educator for the communities she has served and with her help I was able to help my people. Thank you so much for all that support.

2015-03-25 01:16:19 UTC
Krystal Rosenbach

Humble hearts deserves help due to all the help they give others.
They are out all the time helping others in need from food to clothes to
Anything they can.

2015-03-25 08:22:12 UTC
Ann Carlisle

Humble Hearts helps low income families, homeless men women and children by providing what they need. What's unique is Carol gets to know the people she helps. She listens. She finds what they need. She will look for something special that makes them feel special. Carol takes the time to talk to those she helps, looking them in the eye, giving hugs, attention and respect to those that are usually ignored. She is an advocate. Please help her help more of the many people in need.

2015-03-25 10:57:54 UTC
WendiBeth Robbins

These people work so very hard to help the homeless and others. They never look down on anyone unless it is to help lift them up. It also seems as though they try to help those they help to feel pride in themselves. They are truly compassionate in their service.

2015-03-26 04:20:50 UTC
Sandra Lebron

With the grace of God, this organization is truly wonderful, may God continue to give Carol the strength and ability to help people in need.

2015-03-26 20:23:10 UTC
Chef roberto Castillo

2014 Christmas Eve with Humble Heats Carol. I met Carol from Humble hearts and fell in love with her dreams to expand her help to the homeless and less fortunate. She shared with me many of her dreams and goals of helping people. I personally have been out to help the homeless and donated sock, coats and hygiene essentials, but I won't ever forget Christmas 2014 with Humble Hearts Carol. I had been doing charity events as Santa clause all December of 2014. I called Carol a week before Christmas and asked if Santa Claus could go out with her on Christmas Eve. "Omg! Was her responce. Carol said, she would be going to a children's and women's shelter, and pass out Christmas dinners , toys, and care packages. I never realized there were so many women with children that were homeless until, this night. The overwhelming feeling of the women and children's smiles as Santa clause greeted them with toys was a feeling I would never forget. The smile on Carol's face and huge hug she gave me after we left the shelter made my eyes get watery. I could not let her see Santa cry, so I held my tears of joy. This was the feeling humble hearts Carol has ever time she goes out to give! 2014 Christmas Eve Carol shared that feeling with me. Thank you and like a friend once told me, "You build it and they will come!" Good luck in all you do. Love Chef Roberto Castillo.

Our Mission

Our Mission to is help one person at a time so that each individual gets the Respect, Attention, & Focus they need to walk away with love, and dignity!!! We help those in need Man, Woman, & Child to receive things they cannot get on their own. Humble Hearts sole purpose is to redistribute items out to the less fortunate to help them in well-being of the mind, body, & soul.